The Norwegian-Spanish salted fish project




Alicante Workshop: The next meeting in the Norwegian-Spanish salted fish project will be held 13-14 of april in Alicante, Spain.


The Norwegian-Spanish Salted fish academy: The Norwegian-Spanish salted fish academy 2010 is a pilot project held for the first time in 2010. The academy is provided as a subject on the university college of Finnmark.

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October the 16th a meeting was held at the Seafood Norway facilities in Madrid focusing on the development of the Spanish regional profiles. Ana Espinosa presented a draft of the País Vasco and Levante Regions, and Inmaculada Martínez presented the Andalusia region. José Luis Sanchés gave a presentation about the conventions which rule the Spanish fish market. Finally, Espen Hanson presented some of the marketing activities which Seafood Norway will develop in the Basque Country to enhance the consumption of salted cod. Present was also Knut Bjørn Lindkvist and Torbjørn Trondsen.

Lorena Gallart Jornet new projectleader for Bacalaoforum 2010. Gallart Jornet has long worked for SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture AS and has cooperated with UiB and the salted fish project about the article "The restructuring of the Spanish salted fish market"and she is still involved in the sub project "Salted fish products based on farmed cod and wild cod in the Spanish salted fish marked".


The Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund supports our students: All the students by the Department of Geography, University of Bergen attached to ths Norwegian -Spanish salted fish project has received schoolarships betweenn 15 000 and 25 000 kroner. Read more..


Research conference: During 18th & 19th of March 2009 a research conference covering the topics of the salted fish project was held in Bergen. The first day of the seminar was carried out as an open project seminar with several guest speakers and participants, among them prominent representatives from the salted fish industry, invited researchers, as well as researchers representing the different part projects of the main project program. Also students and other staff from the Department of Geography, University in Bergen, participated. Read more..


Publications 2009: During spring 2009 there are published a report on "Innovations and market responses in the Norwegian salted fish industry" by author Knut Bjørn Lindkvist. The article are to be found under "publications".

Lindkvist has also written an article "Mistrust and lack of market innovation - a case study of loss of competitiveness in a seafood industry", to be published in European Urban & Regional Studies  vol 17 (1) in 2010 (January). Read more here.


The salted fish project meets the Spanish organisation for salted fish producers, ANFABASA: 27th of May 2009 a meeting was held between the project leader of The Norwegian Spanish salted fish project, Knut Bjorn Lindkvist, and director general Ricardo Suescun president of ANFABASA. PhD-candidate Heidi Bjønnes Larsen and Ana Espinoza participated in the meeting. Read more..